ELIE SAAB的第一枝香水在香港launch了
// Elie Saab’s first perfume has just launched in Hong Kong! // 

前兩天出席了ELIE SAAB的perfume press launch event,原本沒有很了解這品牌的我,只可以說聲:他出品的裙子也太太太太太美了吧!哈哈,雖然跟它們的香水沒什麼關係,但這是其中令我impression很深的一點。另外一點嘛,還不就是香水本身的氣味囉!
// I went to the Elie Saab’s perfume press launch event in at the Mira, Hong Kong fews day ago. Frankly I don’t know much about this brand or the designer himself originally, but through the display and introduction at the event, all I can say now is: beautiful dresses! Yes. The dresses he designed are very elegant and feminine, nothing too excessive, pure elegancy I say! What a good first impression. haha, anyhow, the perfume itself smells nice too (not surprisingly) //

Amanda S. at the event

Top notes有orange blossom, middle notes有jasmine, base notes有cedar, patchouli & rose honey accord.

單從Baroque style的包裝就可以看出這是一款很女性化的花味香水,像閃亮鑽石般,既大體又優雅,不是一般小女孩的香水喔。
// In this perfume you’ve got the top notes of orange blossom, middle notes of jasmine, and base notes with cedar, patchouli and rose honey accord. The packaging & bottle design looks just as elegant as the notes itself too. Doesn’t it look like a little diamond? This is certainly not catering to the younger crowd! //

氣味不是很濃,我很喜歡. 它們的同系列的body lotion瓶身也非常優雅漂亮.

雖說我的性格和style不太襯托這種氣味, 但也會偷偷地在家裏好好享受這浪漫呢(笑)

// The scent itself isn’t very strong, even though it is a EDP. Comparing to what I am using currently and what I normally am drawn to, the smell is almost too flowery. But in this special case…you know what, I still love it! Elie Saab you’re an exception! heehee. I’ll probably use this at home to create a more *romantic* atmosphere, haha! //