Sorry for not being able to update for the past weeks+. I’ve been so so soooo busy due to work! But there’s so much I want to tell you guys, including my second G-market haul (this time including clothes!yay!), my taiwan + US beauty hauls, and reviews on sunscreen. But please stay tuned, they are coming!

-quick beauty junkie update-

I got this adorable macaroon shaped lip balm from It’s skin on Gmarket! It smells like grapes but I was really going for the packaging;) This matches with one of my macaroon cushions!

I believe this is a limited edition item, so grab it before it’s gone! You can choose from the color yellow, pink, turquoise, and purple! I bought it from the official It’s skin page on Gmarket for about 5,800won.


got these aromatherapy shower tablets on vitacost, comes with three in a pack. I’ve been wanting to get some of these because well, there’s no bathtub in my apartment! But now I can rely on these to give me a more therapeutic shower moment:) you drop it on close to the stream of water as you shower and the scent automatically raise up. It works so well! I believe Lush also sells similar items. I chose Peppermint because it helps to refresh and awakening my mind.

-till next time-