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ELIE SAAB的第一枝香水在香港launch了
// Elie Saab’s first perfume has just launched in Hong Kong! // 

前兩天出席了ELIE SAAB的perfume press launch event,原本沒有很了解這品牌的我,只可以說聲:他出品的裙子也太太太太太美了吧!哈哈,雖然跟它們的香水沒什麼關係,但這是其中令我impression很深的一點。另外一點嘛,還不就是香水本身的氣味囉!
// I went to the Elie Saab’s perfume press launch event in at the Mira, Hong Kong fews day ago. Frankly I don’t know much about this brand or the designer himself originally, but through the display and introduction at the event, all I can say now is: beautiful dresses! Yes. The dresses he designed are very elegant and feminine, nothing too excessive, pure elegancy I say! What a good first impression. haha, anyhow, the perfume itself smells nice too (not surprisingly) //

Amanda S. at the event

Top notes有orange blossom, middle notes有jasmine, base notes有cedar, patchouli & rose honey accord.

單從Baroque style的包裝就可以看出這是一款很女性化的花味香水,像閃亮鑽石般,既大體又優雅,不是一般小女孩的香水喔。
// In this perfume you’ve got the top notes of orange blossom, middle notes of jasmine, and base notes with cedar, patchouli and rose honey accord. The packaging & bottle design looks just as elegant as the notes itself too. Doesn’t it look like a little diamond? This is certainly not catering to the younger crowd! //

氣味不是很濃,我很喜歡. 它們的同系列的body lotion瓶身也非常優雅漂亮.

雖說我的性格和style不太襯托這種氣味, 但也會偷偷地在家裏好好享受這浪漫呢(笑)

// The scent itself isn’t very strong, even though it is a EDP. Comparing to what I am using currently and what I normally am drawn to, the smell is almost too flowery. But in this special case…you know what, I still love it! Elie Saab you’re an exception! heehee. I’ll probably use this at home to create a more *romantic* atmosphere, haha! //


// I feel like writing some random stuff other than Beauty this time…yah. Andrea I wrote in english for you! heehee//


// I got these from Korea! Aren’t they cute? They are basically little pocket notebook, kind of like the Moleskine ones but with smaller and has cute design on the front. suppppper adoarable! I especially love the set that features different country’s specialty(you see the Eiffle Tower? haha). The rest of them are still great though. Some of them have lines in it which helps with taking note, but I like the ones that are plain better – best for doodling! And I also got some cool stationary . Guess how much? 3USD each!// 


這是Guerlain的Aqua Allegoria “Pamplelune” EDT,其實兩年多時我已在Sephora得到這枝香水。我可是很喜歡它的瓶身設計和它的consistency on its “bee” concept,氣味不是很普遍大路化(西柚加入佛手柑的豐郁味道,讓人感到雀躍~),它有一點花香但橘子/西柚的那種酸酸苦苦的味道我反而覺得很特別,夏天用它感覺非常清新!較早前French May的其中一個活動便是在金鐘Pacific Place的香水歷史展,大家有去嗎?

// This is Guerlain’s Aqua Allegoria EDT in “Pamplelune”. love love love. I used to have it a few years back when I was still working at Sephora. But coming back to HK i left it with my friend since the bottle was heavy. But don’t you just love how elegant the perfume bottle itself look? The scent is a very refreshing grapefruit/tangerine type, which is great for summer. //



最近很意紅色的衣物。這對VALENTINO鞋子超級Chic! 配襯上黑色的皮質Legging/裙子會很好看. 一直很想要的紅色皮質Legging!

// I think I saw this on Neiman Marcus’s web site. It’s so chic! Imagine that with black shinny leggings:) //


皮質Legging哈哈哈:) 圖中這個配搭也是我喜歡的,因為我是走簡單style的路線!這剛巧也是紅色。

// yahhh I think this only look good on someone tall and skinny. But I love the simplicity of this look. Black high peels + shinny red leggings = win //



// Cute outfits for the summer! It sucks to have to think what to wear in summer, wayyy too hot in Hong Kong.. //


這是我今天上班時穿的衣服配搭。上半身是在韓國A land outlet的白色型格Tee,很有Gaga feel的袖(笑).下半身是Joyrich的裙子. Flats/鞋子是以前在美國Nordstorm買的。

// What I wore to work today! Top is a tshirt form A Land Outlet in Seoul, bottom skirt is from Joyrich. Flats I bought from Nordstorm last year. //



// Lately I was thinking, if my skin was perfectly flawless, I wouldn’t be so interested and eager alllll the time to try out the sea of beauty products out there! You are more likely to get into all the fine details in every product you use and became a beauty junkie because you want improvement or you have some kind of skin issue that needs to be fix, isn’t it? Well at least that applies on me very much so. Although I’ve always like makeup (yes I do feel like I’m painting on my face when doing so), but having problems to fix sorta became the reason I like Beauty so much. Recently I’m even into the technology behind beauty products! They are fascinating. //

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What caught my eyes lately
Proenza Schouler’s SpringSummer 2011 Ad Campaign is love! I like the contrast they have in the photos and also the soft and simple color combination. This twins model idea seems to be pretty popular for the fashion industry lately.
Coral is the color for spring 2011. Either on eyes, lips, or the clothing, I adore this bright and warm color combination!

Look at those bright and fun lip colors! The first one is very Marc by Marc Jacobs-y ;)


It’s been quite cold in Hong Kong recently, I’d say this is the coldest I have been in(or remembered) for years! It’s actually very nice to have a cold winter here because…well, it’s rare. But! without a heater system at home makes it so hard to withstand this. Getting up from the nice and warm down blanket plus having to change to an ice cold outfit afterwards just sucks every morning; plus my hands and feet are always freezing, so even putting on body lotion at night challenge me:\

So what beauty products do I use in such harsh weather in HK? One word: Oil.

If you have read my other blog entries, you’d know that I started using argon oil from Meltiva some time around the end of October. Up until now the bottle is half gone, and I am still loving it! I can see that it really helps protect and nourish my skin, even in the dry and cold winter weather these days. Yes, the texture is a bit greasy, which is normal for any plant oils- but you gotta remember that massage in is the key! Gently massage a few drops of the oil on your skin for roughly 1.5 minutes, and then spread on a thin layer of moisturizer 20-30 mins later to help with absorption. I definitely see a huge improvement on the moisture level; now my skin always feel soft and protected, possibly because argan oil has a healing property too! It is a such a wonderful must-have for the winter!

For breakouts and pimples, which are a frequent visitors on my oily skin, I came back to using organic tea tree oil and lavender oil. They are both anti-septic and clarifying, so instead of layering on acne cream I’d rely on my natural remedy:) I use Jasons Organic and Dessert Essence’s ones.

Please know that you have to be very careful with the amount you use! People with sensitive should be aware of using these pure oil as it might irritate your skin even more.

On the body, I have just discovered a new product to moisture my skin right after shower! I was never a person that would put on body lotion in the bathroom, but since it’s been so cold lately I have decided to do so while it’s still warm and steamy inside.

The Kose Happy Bath Day steam oil is perfect for me. As instructed, you are supposed to massage in on damp skin right after shower, and using the steam in the bathroom and the water moisture on your body, this oil will hydrate your skin like none other! It aborbs right away and it doesn’t actually feel super greasy, which I love. And if you already know me, I am a huge fan of the Happy Bath day scent-a wonderful fragrance of sweet roses! My sister said there is even rose hip oil in this(she reads japanese and used to work for Kose), so all the better! Every night after shower I left my bathroom smelling great and skin moisturized:)

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Things/images that caught my eye lately.
Loving the Bvlgari perfume bottle.

Fashion pieces by DKNY and Issey Miyake.